Tesla confirms plans to unveil electric Model X SUV this year, $30k car by 2015

We've known for some time that Tesla hoped to use the underpinnings of the luscious Model S as a base platform upon which other cars would be built, even minivans. Elon Musk in the past has mentioned a Model X SUV due sometime in 2014 and he's just re-confirmed that we'll be getting our first glimpse of the thing sometime this year. Few further details are known but we wouldn't be surprised if it shared some components with the Tesla-powered Toyota RAV4 EV. Musk also took the opportunity to re-confirm that a genuinely affordable electric Tesla is coming by 2015, something priced under $30,000 and, while probably not quite as bodacious as either the Roadster or the Model S, hopefully it'll be a bit more invigorating than the Leaf.