Iris Online expansion slated for the 26th

If you've been enjoying the gypsy-themed MMO Iris Online, you probably want more of the game to enjoy. That coincides nicely with the fact that the game is getting a major update Wednesday. The game's first expansion (in the usual free-to-play model of a large patch) will be released on January 26th, bringing along a new dungeon, new monsters, and four new maps to accompany a boost in the level cap to level 60. The update also contains several bug fixes and mechanical tweaks, including the removal of the "Force" mechanic to help balance Battlefield encounters.

All of the new areas to explore will contain monsters between levels 50-62, with the new dungeon Wood Garden limited to players at level 40 or higher. There's also a new PvP zone dubbed Spirit's Shelter, featuring a field boss for players to spar against as well as wandering cactus monsters. Iris Online players will luckily not have to wait too long for the game's additions, but the new visual additions to the gallery below will help tide players over until the patch drops.