Comodo console brings internet to Israeli autos, dares you to keep your eyes on the road

Considering how far we've come with in-flight connectivity, internet for the automobile hasn't gained an awful lot of traction. With the introduction of the 3G-connected Comodo console, Israeli start-up Iway Mobile and cellphone provider Cellcom are hoping to change that. The Comodo -- for all intents and purposes -- looks like an iPhone on a stick, and sports a 4.3-inch touchscreen, rear camera for easy reversing, GPS antenna and a cellular modem for consistent connections. Predictably, there's also 3D navigation, an MP3 player, and functionality in 30 different languages. Drivers can access 80 total apps and receive, but not send e-mail -- video functions are accessible only when the car is stationary. Comodo's website features the device mysteriously shrouded in black satin, and provides no evidence of a spec sheet. According to Cellcom, the console costs 109 shekels (or $23.50) a month for 36 months and hits Israel in February. No word on when Comodo will make its US debut, but honestly, we'd be content to just strap our smart phone in and go to town.