Hack brings USB tethering to HTC Windows Phone 7 devices, Dell Venue Pro

Cutting through the back and forth surrounding Windows Phone 7 tethering are two new hacks, with one being markedly easier than the other to implement. After discovering the option in Samsung's Focus and Omnia 7 late last year, engineering minds over at xda-developers have now uncovered a method to allow USB internet tethering on HTC's smattering of Windows Phone 7 handsets. Unfortunately, you'll need to unlock your device before any of this will work, but the case is definitely different for Dell's Venue Pro. For that one, you'll simply need to modify the .INF file -- no unlock required. Hit the links below for the devilish details, and try not to set up a P2P farm using your phone's 3G connection. We hear carriers are none too fond of that foolhardiness.

[Thanks, Lake]