Korean researchers demonstrate LTE-Advanced in a custom RV, score 600Mbps downloads

We're just giddy like kids on the way to Disney World at the prospect of LTE and WiMAX sweeping like wildfire across the country, yet someone always has to come along and be a downer by showing off something even cooler. Those kids are the players at Korea's Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, the same folks who brought us a Body Area Network back in 2006 and this creepy looking koala. Now they're working on LTE-Advanced, the real true 4G that delivers 600Mbps downloads. That's six times what you can ever hope to expect from LTE and 40 times faster than 3G -- enough to download a 700MB file in 9.3 seconds or stream 3D HD footage on the go, a feat those crazy cats did in their rolling man cave shown above. Sadly we have no pictures of the thing on the outside, but we're seeing antennas. Lots of antennas.

[Thanks, Andy]