Hulu looking to become more like cable, at risk of losing some ABC and Fox content?

We're still waiting to see just what the fallout for Hulu is going to be from the recent Comcast acquisition of NBC, and while many have feared that the cable company would try to kneecap Hulu to protect its market, a Wall Street Journal article has us wondering if maybe things could go a rather different way. The article, coming hot on the heels of Netflix posting promising Q4 results, suggests that Hulu management is considering transforming the purely on-demand service into more of a traditional cable network, offering "live" TV content in addition to the current archive of episodes. That could certainly give Comcast new life.

Meanwhile, NBC, Disney, and News Corp., three companies that recently teamed up to speak out against FCC stipulations to the Comcast buyout, are apparently at odds regarding how much of what Hulu offers should be available to non-subscribers. There's talk that Disney may pull some ABC content and News Corp. may pull some Fox content from Hulu's free offerings, offering it instead on Netflix and other premium competitors. It all sounds a bit speculative at this point but, with cable subscriptions declining for the first time in years and online content viewership skyrocketing, it's obvious that some changes are afoot.