Motorola Atrix 4G goes up on AmazonWireless, $150 on February 11th -- mistake? (update: Inspire 4G, too)

We suspect the boys and girls over at AmazonWireless threw their Atrix 4G product page up early, because -- among other red flags -- the buy button doesn't work, but one important detail we can glean from it is that they seem interested in selling it for $149.99 on a new contract or $599.99 off-contract. Now, there are a couple of possibilities here; first off, since the page likely isn't supposed to be online, these prices might just be guesses or placeholders, but furthermore, keep in mind that AmazonWireless and other third-party wireless resellers typically charge less for devices on contract than carriers do, so we'd expect this to be at least $50 more directly from AT&T. Oh, and one other tidbit: searching for the phone on Amazon reveals a possible release date of February 11th, which would be even more aggressive than Moto's end-of-February guidance. Again, possibly another guess or placeholder on Amazon's part... but it's a date to keep in the back of your head nonetheless.

[Thanks, Roman]

Update: Turns out the Inspire 4G is listed, too, for $99.99 on contract or $499.99 contract-free. Thanks, Justin S.!

Update 2: ...and they're gone. Whoops!