Nikon patents DSLR camera / projector, high-end photographers may get to join the projection party

Nikon's done the projector-in-a-camera thing before, but the S1100pj was aimed at the compact digital camera crowd. In what appears to be an effort to take its game to the next level, the company has obtained a Japanese patent for a way to give a DSLR those same mythical projector capabilities. Though the patent's english detailed description states that images are "projected on the screen of the photographing instrument exterior via the eyepiece of an electronic view finder," something may have been lost in translation -- the drawings show the projection coming out of the camera's lens, and our hopes and dreams won't let us see anything else. Regardless of how the thing works, we hope that Nikon puts it into production soon, as we -- proud members of the "serious" photo-snapping crowd -- would like to share our pics at parties, too. Hit up the source link for the translated patent documents, but be aware that the link won't work in Chrome (IE or Firefox only) and you'll need to put in "A" for the Kind code and "2011-10098" in the Number field to get them. What, you thought surfing the world wide web was easy?