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Twelve South's BookArc for Air stand cozies up around your MacBook Air

Twelve South's made somewhat of a name for itself by crafting unexpected (and generally visually pleasing) accessories for everything Apple, but the ouftit's latest just seems particularly superfluous. The BookAir for Air is described as a vertical stand for the MacBook Air, enabling you to hoist your new ultraportable upright for use with a desktop monitor and keyboard. 'Course, we have to believe that only a smattering of individuals have any real interest in using their MBA as a desktop replacement, but hey, at least there's now a stand should you fit into that category. She'll be on sale soon for $39.99, with initial shipments to head out next month.

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Twelve South debuts BookArc for MacBook Air, turning the tiny MacBook into a ultra-thin desktop

Charleston, SC, January 28, 2011 -- Twelve South introduces a new version of its popular BookArc, designed exclusively for Apple® MacBook Air (Late 2010 models). The latest BookArc firmly grips the thin MacBook Air and includes a convenient built-in cable management system to keep cables in place for grab and go use. When BookArc is paired with a MacBook Air and external monitor, it offers a noticeable boost in power for graphics-intensive programs. BookArc for MacBook Air begins shipping next month (Feb) for $39.99. More information and images can be found at

Like previous versions of BookArc, the MacBook Air model is fashioned from heavy gauge steel for stylish looks and a sturdy footprint. One convenient addition is built-in cable management. Since MacBook Air has inputs on both sides, the BookArc cable housing routes power, external display, USB and other cables behind the MacBook for a clean workspace. These cables stay tethered to the stand so you can easily get your Mac in and out quicker than ever.

For those who use MacBook Air with an external display, a key benefit for BookArc is the performance boost it gives your Mac. If you connect MacBook Air to an external monitor and leave the MacBook open, video memory is split between the two displays. When working with MacBook Air in the closed position, resting in BookArc, 100% of the video memory is dedicated to powering the external monitor. This provides a notable boost in power when working with Aperture, Photoshop and other graphics- intensive programs.

"BookArc has been one of our most popular products, so it was only natural to create one for the thin new MacBook Air," said Creative Director Andrew Green of Twelve South. "Some insightful feedback from customers led to some design tweaks, including the cable manager, making this the strongest BookArc to date."

The arc-shaped stand elevates MacBook for a less cluttered workspace. A soft silicone insert firmly grips the second generation, 11 and 13-inch MacBook Air. Padded rubber feet keep the stand from leaving any marks on your work surface.

BookArc for MacBook Air begins shipping next month with a price of $39.99. An email list is available to alert customers when the BookArc for MacBook Air begins shipping.