Watch Pro Bowl practice through Michael Vick's eyes -- and his ContourHD 1080p helmet cam

This weekend's NFL Pro Bowl might be one of the more useless spectacles in American sport, but since there's nothing at stake, the NFC coaches allowed Michael Vick to strap a ContourHD 1080p camera to his helmet during practice -- and the resulting few moments of footage are pretty awesome, if you're a football fan. We gave the 1080p a pretty decent review, and it certainly delivers here: you get to watch Vick break the huddle, fire off a pass to Jason Witten, hand off to Adrian Peterson, and run a play-action to Witten, all the while exchanging some friendly banter with Matt Ryan and Drew Brees. It might actually be more interesting than the Pro Bowl itself, actually. Now if only the NFL would let Aaron Rodgers wear one of these during the Packers' inevitable Super Bowl victory, we'd be happy as clams.

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