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Xbox veteran Ed Fries joins Razer in an advisory role, probably to work on something awesome

What do you do after spending nearly three decades tinkering with software -- from the humble Atari, through Microsoft Office, and into the modernity of Xbox gaming? Well, in Ed Fries' case, we're guessing you go to CES, find the wildest, most awesome gaming concept around, and sign up with its maker to help guide its development. Again, we're guessing that's what Ed's done, we can't know for sure what he'll be doing as a member of Razer's Board of Advisors, but there's no denying the proximity of the Switchblade's announcement and his joining the gaming peripheral company. Even if the kindly gent's focus isn't on Razer's portable gaming device, we imagine he'll be a good influence on other products going forward. After all, when has it ever been a bad idea to have more veterans on your team?

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Industry Veteran Ed Fries Joins Razer's(TM) Board of Advisors

Razer Continues to Expand its Board of Advisors with Gaming Veterans

CARLSBAD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 27, 2011-- Razer, the world's leading high-end precision gaming brand, is pleased to welcome Ed Fries to its Board of Advisors. Ed brings to the table 28 years of gaming industry expertise, helping Razer stay on top of its game in delivering the best to gamers worldwide.

Ed Fries created his first video games for the Atari 800 in the early 1980s. He joined Microsoft in 1986, and spent the next ten years as one of the founding developers of both Excel and Word. He subsequently left the Office team to pursue his passion for interactive entertainment and created Microsoft Game Studios.

Over the next eight years, he grew the team from 50 to over 1,200 people, published more than 100 games including more than a dozen platinum titles, co-founded the Xbox project, and made Microsoft one of the leaders in the interactive entertainment business. In 2004, Ed retired as Microsoft Vice President to pursue other video game business interests, as board member, advisor, and consultant to a broad range of publishers, independent game developers and media companies.

"Ed Fries is a video game industry legend who brings significant experience, knowledge and insight to Razer's Board of Advisors," said Min-Liang Tan, CEO and Creative Director of Razer. "With his unrivalled passion and innovation, he will certainly have a positive impact on Razer's future direction."

"Razer is a company developing some of the most advanced gaming technologies in the industry right now. I look forward to working with the team and providing guidance to continue their successful line of gaming products and developing new growth opportunities." said Ed Fries, Former Vice President Microsoft Game Studios, CEO Figure Prints, and Co-founder Airtight Games.

About the Razer Group:

Razer™ is more than just the world's leading brand in high-end precision gaming products, perpetually defining the gaming technology space. Founded in 1998 in Carlsbad, California, Razer is driven by the ceaseless pursuit for absolute precision and heuristics in a distinctive, aesthetic design that will give gamers the edge they demand. With labs and offices in seven cities around the world, Razer dedicates user-interface research and development to bring cutting-edge technology to each and every product. Razer is made up of gamers who live by the motto: For Gamers. By Gamers.

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