Sanho announces new HyperDrive line-up, still enough storage for your Frank Zappa discography

Sam Sheffer
S. Sheffer|01.30.11

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Sanho announces new HyperDrive line-up, still enough storage for your Frank Zappa discography

Surely you remember Sanho's HyperDrive lineup -- ya know, the only portable HDD that plays nicely with the iPad? Well, if you don't dig the $249 entry level price, you're in luck. The company just announced a bunch of new HDDs for you to take with you and your iPad on that road trip you've had planned for years. As we saw at CES, the new drives no longer sport the QVGA color display or the CF and SD card slots -- instead, the black case has two mini USB ports and a power socket. The HyperDrive doesn't come with the traditional AC adapter but instead a USB-to-DC cable and the user-replaceable battery will allow up to 40GB of transfers on a single charge. And if you're wondering why there's two USB ports, we really couldn't tell you. Perhaps if you choose the right port while connected to your PC and enter the Konami code, unicorns and fairy dust will pop out of your screen -- wishful thinking, we know. The HyperDrives ship in March (pre-ordering is available now) with prices starting at $99 for a bring-your-own-drive housing, 1TB for $349 and various sizes in-between. So, if your photo/video library is worth accessing at all times, well, props to you. Press release is after the break.
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Sanho Announces 2nd Iteration Of HyperDrive iPad-compatible Hard Drive

Users Can Directly Use iPad To Browse And Transfer Up To 1TB Of Video And Photo Content

01.28.2011– MACWORLD 2011 SAN FRANCISCO, California - Sanho Corporation (Booth 710) today announce the second iteration of their popular HyperDrive Hard Drive for iPad, the only hard drive in the market that can connect directly to the iPad via the Apple Camera Connection Kit. This new version allows users to directly use their iPads to browse and transfer up to 1TB of video and photo content without the need for computers, additional apps or a jailbroken ipad.

Finished in a slim enclosure, the HyperDrive looks exactly like any portable USB hard drive except that it has 2 mini USB ports, one for connecting to the computer to function as a normal USB hard drive and the other to connect to the iPad via the Apple Camera Connection Kit.

Using the Apple Camera Connection Kit, the iPad is able to connect to SD cards and self-powered USB devices. However there is a size limitation of 32GB, making it impossible for larger USB hard drives to connect to the iPad. HyperDrive iPad Hard Drive overcomes this limit with its unique patent pending ability to turn individual file folders into virtual 32GB drives on the fly that is readable by the iPad. While the HyperDrive is bus powered when connected to the computer, it has an internal 1600mAh battery to power its connection to the iPad.

Users can first transfer their entire movie and photo library from their computer to the HyperDrive via USB. Once that is done, users will have up to 1TB of media accessible to the iPad anytime.

To transfer media from the HyperDrive to the iPad, users just need to connect the HyperDrive to the iPad via a USB cable and the Apple Camera Connection Kit. The HyperDrive hard drive folder contents will appear on the iPad screen and users can navigate the folders to search for videos and photos to download to the iPad.

"HyperDrive iPad Hard Drive lets you carry your entire HD movie and photo library with your iPad," says Daniel Chin, President of Sanho Corporation. "HyperDrive is as compact as your portable USB hard drive and yet at capacities up to 1TB, can hold more data than your laptop," he added. "The iPad is the perfect media player but its capacities are limited and it requires a computer and iTunes to transfer media to the iPad," he continued. "HyperDrive releases the iPad from this restriction and truly turns it into a media consuming device," he concludes.


- Connects to the iPad to transfer photos, movies and other media
- Connect HyperDrive as a USB hard drive to the computer
- Support multiple partitioned hard drive formats

Price and Availability

The new HyperDrive Hard Drive for iPad ships in March 2011 and is available for pre-order now at the following manufacturer's suggested retail price (0GB: $99, 320GB:$199, 500GB:$249, 640GB:$299, 750GB:$349, 1TB: $399). It is available at

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