IntoNow app can tell what show you're watching, won't knock your Glee addiction (video)

If you've ever used an app like Shazam to detect a song playing on the radio you're a long way toward knowing what the new IntoNow app can do. With just a few seconds of audio it can detect what you're watching, give you plenty of information about that content, then let you add it to your Netflix queue. You can go on to share what you're watching upon a plethora of social networks, even see what your friends are watching. It relies on a platform called SoundPrint, an accumulation of 266 years worth of content that is constantly growing, constantly indexing 130 channels in real-time. (Think of the punditry!) Check it out in the video below or just give it a download from the App Store. Right now it is iOS only, but we're told Android and other flavors are on the way.