Samsung experiencing a 16 percent return rate on the Galaxy Tab? (updated: Samsung responds!)

Just a few days back, Samsung announced it had moved around 2 million Galaxy Tabs in the latter part of 2010. According to new data released by ITG Investment Research using tracked point-of-sale info, however, the story is a little more complicated. The company tracked about 6,000 retail stores in the United States from the November date of release of the tab through January 15th, and the return rate hovered around 13 percent, rising even further -- to about 16 percent -- with holiday sales returns. Now, rates of return estimates are just that -- estimates -- but 6,000 locations is nothing to shrug off. We'll have to wait and see longer term what this means for the Tab's legacy, but let us know your thoughts in the comments: have you returned a Galaxy Tab, or are you still in love?

Update: Sammy says no way.