LG teases Optimus 3D, only without the 3D (video)

We're not sure what's going on with the new teaser video released by LG. It looks like the handset that Phandroid pegged as the Optimus 3D a few days ago and has since become the poster-boy for the device that will officially include a glasses-free 3D LCD and "dual-lens camera for 3D recording." While we can see the front-facing cam, try as we might we just can't see that pair of lenses on the back of the handset teased in the video. In fact, we don't see any camera at all leading us to believe that LG might be manipulating the image for a big reveal in a few weeks. The video does drop some spec hints with phrases like "something bigger" and "dual core -- multi channel" which would seem to indicate a 4.x-inch display (presumably the 4.3-inch 3D display we spotted at CES), dual-core SoC (like LG's Optimus 2x), and multi-channel RAM as originally rumored by Phandroid. Guess we'll have to wait for Mobile World Congress to know for sure. Get your monster truck on with the teaser video embedded after the break.

Update: We've been told that the phone is definitely a manipulated Optimus 3D.