Motorola Xoom first benchmark: 1823 in Quadrant

We're unabashed spec junkies here at Engadget, and can you blame us? There are mountains of new devices every year, and it helps to have bullet points and numerical differentiators to cut through the fluff. That's why we're happy to say we got the chance to run the Quadrant benchmark on Motorola's Tegra 2-powered Xoom, and have a number with which to compare it against the many competitors sure to breech Android's bow soon. 1823 is the magic number -- which doesn't quite compare to the LG Optimus 2X -- but that's with a non-optimized smartphone version of Quadrant running the app on the tablet's sizable 1280 x 800 display, no less. What's more, Quadrant cleared up some of the codename confusion we've seen out of Moto as of late, as it turns out the Xoom also identifies itself as both Trygon and Stingray. Good to know!