Palm 'Think Beyond' teaser shows off glimpses of... something (updated with longer video)

HP and Palm aren't being shy about hyping up next week's big webOS event, and they're following up on that nod to our leak and CEO Leo Apotheker's comments with this "Think Beyond" teaser video. As is undoubtedly intended, we can't make much of the product from these brief glimpses of tapered curves, elegant switchgear, and what appears to be a charging connector -- but we'd like to think it's a tablet, because we are fundamentally very hopeful people. In any case, we'll see what Palm has in store for us next week -- and whether it can live up to all this buildup.

Update: We were just sent a longer version of the video, which we've swapped in above -- it shows a rear-facing camera and what's either a microphone or speaker grille. And is it just us, or is this thing looking pretty chubtastic or what? Original Palm video after the break. [Thanks, Raphael]