The Engadget Show: Xperia Play / PlayStation phone previewed, 'shoulder flippers' in tow (video)

We expect each and every one of you to watch the Engadget Show's initial live stream and to download / re-watch it when we post up the official HD files -- and that expectation goes double for episodes featuring Steve Wozniak. So when we tell you about this awesome breakout clip of Nilay and Josh playing with Sony's top secret Xperia Play / PlayStation phone prototype -- the one Richard Lai previewed last week -- it's not because we suspect it's the first time you've seen the footage. No, we just want to provide yet another excuse to watch Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha with slow framerate, and get a visual cue of the custom-made Josh Topolsky soundboard app. We imagine the games to be much Suite-r by the time the device makes its (much more likely than not) Mobile World Congress debut this month.