Agility Saietta unveiled, the decidedly unconventional electric sports bike

A new player has entered the electric motorcycle game, joining the likes of Brammo's Empulse but doing it with rather more... unconventional styling. It's the Agility Global Saietta, an all-electric sports bike that will come in two flavors: the 50 mile range Saietta S and the 100 mile Saietta R. The former of the two will be quicker than the first, getting to 60 in under four seconds, whereas R riders will have to wait another tick of the stopwatch due to extra battery weight. Naturally that extra range and speed will cost you: £9,975 for the S and £13,975 for the R, figures that equate to roughly $16,200 and $22,650. Hefty sums, both, but nobody said being on the cutting edge of the humpbacked sport bike trend was going to be cheap. We weren't given any specific horsepower or weight figures, but we're told the power to weight ratio is 675hp per ton. You can make your own guesses about weight to try and get a firm power figure, but it certainly should be peppy enough.

At this point we don't know much about the bikes themselves beyond what you can see in the photos, which show a trellis frame cradling a sizeable battery pack. The swingarm is a combination of machined parts and pipes, rear suspension elevated to make room for the electric motor sitting just above the pivot point. Front suspension also shows an unconventional design, offset steering linkage and a single damper eschewing the traditional fork design found on your average (non-BMW) motorcycle. These images are, of course, just renders, but the bike has just made its word debut at the MCN London Motorcycle Show and we'll be bringing you some actual pictures as soon as we get them. As to when those who order the bikes will get theirs, we're told shipments begin in April.

Update: We have some pictures from the Saietta launch at MCN. Real, honest to gosh photos, these.

Update 2: We're told it's actually the lighter S that's quicker to 60, not the R, despite what the PR says below.

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Saietta is unique.

Sculptural, visceral, emotional, it engages you with a feral grace and strength that envelopes and encourages, then delivers a riding experience that is intuitive beyond anything before.

Reflecting the strong character of its name, Saietta in Italian Apennine dialect is the phonetic spelling for the word thunderbolt – a powerful and awe-inspiring phenomenon.

Honed through intelligent design and ground-breaking engineering to invoke a near-perfect user relationship, Saietta's exceptional manoeuvrability and instinctive ergonomics expand your urban riding abilities, heightening the senses and ingraining every ride.

Bold yet understated, edgy yet accessible, Saietta confidently exploits advanced technology and cutting edge electric drive to epitomise Agility's vision of a future where sustainable transport is exciting, empowering and radically effective.

The zero-emissions urban sports bike.

Embodying current state-of-the-art electric capability and performance, Saietta is simultaneously designed for plug-and-play upgradeability to accommodate future electric technology.

With a powertrain created to generate incredible acceleration, formidable torque, astounding responsiveness, and intuitive control that surpasses conventionally driven alternatives, Saietta advances electric power as a clear solution to urban riding. Combined with wide bars, high eye-line, low centre of gravity, concentrated masses and extreme wheel control, the result is dramatically capable rider-machine synergy.

With a concept optimised from the outset to exploit the clear opportunity for electric urban riding, Saietta has at its core an innovative lightweight structural concept. Implemented using aerospace-derived composite material systems, it brings comprehensive and wide ranging benefits - from think-and-it-moves agility in combination with it's unique suspension, to real-world useable range.

Offered in two variants, the Saietta S, and Saietta R, with ranges of 50 and 100 miles dependent on riding style, and 0-60 times of sub 5 and sub 4 seconds respectively. Both models sport a drive system that is 73% more efficient from energy source to wheel when compared to an internal combustion engine, (in terms of cost and useful work done, the average cost saving using an Electric motor is approximately 53.63p per horsepower per hour).

Designed in the heart of one of the world's great cities, Saietta is the future of urban motorcycling. Produced to the highest standards and with its advanced design and performance, Saietta is one of the most exciting, exhilarating, enjoyable yet accessible motorcycles in the world: - now available for £9975, and £13975.
Sustainable Vision

Agility Global Ltd. has its head-quarters in London and is engaged in vehicle design, engineering and manufacture, in addition to related high technology industries. We specialize in zero emissions transportation solutions.

Our vision for this sector is to make sustainable transport exciting, empowering, radically effective and universally available, and we are in the business of successfully crafting this vision into the future of how people move. For the near future, this means we are actively expanding into several other under-explored vehicle sectors that will benefit from Agility's capability. Saietta is the first of two new vehicle types that will revolutionise private transportation in cities.

Our expertise lies in applying prescient commercial insights to generate class-leading, paradigm-shifting solutions. We capitalise on opportunities in under-explored sectors with inherent and exceptional growth potential.

Our identity is reflected in our approach to any challenge. Everything we design converts function into emotion – our products are directly related to how they make you feel and how they enable you. This visceral connection is key to our approach and permeates everything we do.

New Approach

Saietta will target high-rate growth areas for electric vehicles in cities and will be eligible for a wide range of sustainable vehicle incentives across the globe. Based on dealer-distributor intelligence and social media interest for higher capability electric motorcycles, Saietta's business plan shows considerable scope for it to satisfy and accelerate demand for an electric motorcycle that delivers urban riding excellence without compromise.

Exciting, brave, considered and cohesive, Saietta will appeal to and is targeted at a wide range of buyers in addition to existing bike riders, and builds on the increasing expectation and necessity for sustainability across market demographics.

Saietta is a whole new approach.