Kno shipments delayed, no word on why or for how long

What is it with tablets and ship date shenanigans? After getting some tips from Kno pre-orderers (who should've started receiving this monstrosity last year) that their shipments had been delayed, we pinged Kno and got some ultra-vague confirmation of that fact:

Things at Kno are going well. However, as you noted below, there has been a shipment delay. As soon as Kno has new information, we will share that with customers and can certainly give you a heads up if that is helpful.

There's no mention of any of this on Kno's website, and typically with this sort of a delay there's at least some sort of reasoning -- "the boxes we got are the wrong size," or "our Lego testing robot broke down," or something smooth like that. Of course, we're sure there's some sort of explanation forthcoming. This is no cause to believe Kno is in serious danger of not shipping its tablet, or that it's trying to pull a fast one, but Kno has unfortunately happened upon a disturbing trend in the tablet space that we'd love to be well rid of by now.

[Thanks, Chris]