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RFID poker gets DIY kit, automated card counting now available at home (video)

When Andrew Milner built himself an RFID-equipped poker table and the automated video overlay system to match, it was certainly a labor of love. Now, like any good poker player, he's trying to get a little money out of it. He's selling a DIY kit that includes almost all the hardware and software you need to replicate the video below but do it on your game night with your friends. (You'll need to supply the webcams, a table with cutouts, and a Windows PC to handle the footage.) This means you can create video replays that look awfully professional even if your ability to calculate odds on the fly and to focus more on the river than the bowl of chips is decidedly amateur. Components can be bought individually, like a deck of RFID cards for $148, or you can get the entire kit for about $1,600 -- stakes a bit too high for our game.

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Perth, Australia – 2nd Feb 2011

Do-It-Yourself RFID Video Poker Table kit officially launched today by
developer Andrew Milner.

Watch the brand new demo video:

In September 2008, video of a prototype RFID Poker Table was released, showing a poker table that
had been equipped with RFID electronics and software that displayed real time video of a poker
game, with graphics that displayed each player's cards as they were dealt.

The video received over 50,000 views on YouTube and resulted in an avalanche of commercial
enquiries. "There was clearly strong demand for a commercial product, but at the time the
technology wasn't available at a viable price point" says Andrew. He added "Today that has changed,
and I'm pleased to be able to announce the launch of a commercial grade kit at a price that
represents real value for money."

Sold as a DIY kit, customers build their table from components available at the online store. Kits
include all table electronics, playing cards, software, CAD drawings and a step by step build guide.
Specially manufactured high quality playing cards that contain embedded RFID tags are a key
component; with a high end acetate finish that is indistinguishable from standard playing cards, the
RFID cards look, feel and play exactly like the real thing.

The RFID Video Poker Table includes a suite of software applications for Windows that offers ease of
use and rich functionality. Featuring fully customizable graphics, HD video support, live Internet
streaming and a fully featured post production edit suite, the software caters to home game
hobbyists and broadcast professionals alike.

Eliminating the need for pocket cams and automating the time consuming and expensive process of
manually recording poker hands and creating custom graphics, game graphics are rendered in just
minutes in post production, or in real time for live broadcast.

Detailed information, including comprehensive technical resources is available from along with kits for purchase at the online store. Kits are available for
immediate shipping worldwide, and pricing is around AUD 1,600 depending on exact table

Contact: Andrew Milner,