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ASUS chairman Jonney Shih promises 'secret weapon' to rival iPad 2, disses 3DTVs

Jonney Shih has never been one to back down from his stance on anything, and in a recent sit-down with IDG News Service, the ASUS chairman delivered quite a few nuggets worth poring over. For starters, he played up (and subsequently downplayed) a "secret weapon" that would likely rival the iPad 2, but wouldn't go so far as to confirm that said weapon would actually be a slate. His response to prying? "I think it's best not to say now. You will have to wait until the launch." He also noted that personal cloud computing was poised to boom, and didn't leave much hope for the likes of webOS and QNX -- he claims that there is only room for three OS camps to win, and those three slots are already occupied with Windows, Android and iOS. Finally, he took the opportunity to fling water on the 3DTV buzz, noting that he "doesn't think that will prevail." He did leave open the possibility for glasses-free options in handhelds to succeed, but beyond that, it's safe to say he's not much of a 3D advocate. Hit the source link for the full skinny, but don't go digging for any extra details on his iPad 2 killer -- something tells us you'll be sorely disappointed.