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HTC Thunderbolt gets unboxed by Wirefly, Verizon delays launch?

Third-party mobile retailer Wirefly has just released a seven-minute video detailing the HTC Thunderbolt's unboxing procedure in glorious detail, something that's just liable to make the wait for prospective buyers even more excruciating. Speaking of waiting, word on the street is that the phone might be delayed from its previously-rumored Valentine's Day launch; an ominous screen shot over on Droid Life says there's "no ETA at this time," a fact corroborated by Amazon's removal of the launch date on its Thunderbolt product page. What's more, in announcing its unboxing, Wirefly only says that it'll "begin selling the Thunderbolt soon" without offering a date -- so yeah, all signs are pointing to an open-ended delay here. Let's hope it stays within the short bounds of February, eh? Follow the break for the full video.