Patch 4.0.6 bug locks race-changed worgen out of dungeon finder

Patch 4.0.6, like all patches before it, brings surprises as well as the expected changes. Hopefully you leveled your worgen the old-fashioned way. If not, like me, you will be stuck unable to queue for any Cataclysm dungeon. At least right now, it appears that players who race-changed to worgen are experiencing the issue, with no reports of race-changed goblins or characters who were rolled at level 1 worgen or goblins having the issue. The bug locks you out of all dungeons, even ones you've obviously completed. I'm wearing gear from several dungeons I now can't do.

Bashiok - Random dungeon: have not completed required quest
This appears to be a bug affecting specific characters which is keeping them from being able to queue with a "You have not completed the required quest" error, and we're in the process of investigating.

It looks like this may only affect Worgen characters, specifically those that race changed to Worgen before 4.0.6, but we're still investigating.

Well, at least now I can stop worrying about getting my daily valor points. Hopefully, the issue will be ironed out soon, because both of my level 85 worgen warriors are bored as heck right now.

Edit: As of 3:57 p.m. EST, this seems to have been hotfixed on at least some servers. I can now queue on both my worgen.

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