Marathon man preps for second live stream, with multiple iPhones, iPad

Joseph Tame

Readers may recall our report last year on runner and TUAW reader Joseph Tame, who streamed the Tokyo marathon from a head-mounted iPhone. This year's marathon will be held on February 27, and Joseph has found additional ways to make the 42km run even more difficult.

Check out the get-up that he's planning to wear for the race (pictured). He has four rotatable iPhones and an Android handset, plus an iPad to monitor the marathon's Twitter hashtag (#tm2011). He'll be streaming video from multiple cameras using either Skype or FaceTime, and he'll have assistance from friends in an off-site studio who will mix the incoming video streams and rebroadcast them via Ustream. He'll be transmitting location and heart rate data, plus temperature and CO2 levels, too.

Naturally, he's dubbed the whole contraption the iRun, though I can't help but think that it sort of resembles a Glo-Worm/Optimus Prime love-child. Awesome, by any name.

I've gotten to know Joseph over the past couple of years, and this sort of fun geekery is surprisingly normal for him. Recently he has been dabbling in GPS art as well, using Runkeeper to draw the face of Hello Kitty over Tokyo's Shinjuku district, covering 45km in the process.

Check out his video demo explaining his iRun below, and stay tuned to his website for more updates as the day of the big race approaches.