Samsung Galaxy Indulge shows up on MetroPCS: LTE, Android 2.2, 1GHz processor

We don't have any official pictures yet, but there's now a placeholder entry for a so-called SCH-R910 Galaxy Indulge from Samsung on MetroPCS' official site, in all likelihood that device we'd previously seen leaked a couple times as the Forte. This would be the first LTE smartphone on MetroPCS since the previously-released Craft is a dumbphone -- and depending on the release date, they could potentially beat HTC's Thunderbolt for Verizon to become the first LTE smartphone offered on any carrier in the US. Besides LTE support, specs look to include a 1GHz processor (Hummingbird, we're guessing) along with WiFi and a 3.5-inch HVGA display all running atop Froyo. Pricing? $399, which seems expensive until you remember that these guys don't do contracts. We're assuming we'll be hearing more about this bad boy soon, so keep an ear to the ground and we'll do the same.

[Thanks, Danny]