Samsung dubs its mobile processors Exynos, dual-core 4210 (formerly Orion) arriving next month

We've been talking about Samsung's Orion processor for some time, the dual-core successor to the well-received Hummingbird core of 2010 -- but Orion was a codename all along. What will you be calling these two slices of high-performance silicon by the time they finally grace a phone of yours? "Exynos 4210," it turns out, as the Orion becomes the first member of Sammy's newly-branded Exynos line of application processors. We'd already known that the company was targeting the first half of 2011 for Orion's commercial release, but they're ready to get a little more specific now... and the news is good: production begins next month, which might line up nicely for some announcements the company has in store for MWC next week. Here's hoping! Follow the break for the release.

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Samsung Assigns New Nomenclature to Application Processor Family

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) February 11, 2011 -- Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a world leader in advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced a new brand name for its application processor family. Exynos will be applied to Samsung's application processors, which are designed to power mobile devices such as smartphonesand tablets.

"Application processors for the mobile market are one of the flagship products in our semiconductor business," saidSeh-Woong Jeong, executive vice president of marketing, System LSI Division, Samsung Electronics. "We are excited to introduce the brand name of Exynos for Samsung's application processorfamily. As consumers demand more from their mobile products, Samsung's Exynos chips will be the power inside enabling the coolest HD multi-media features with even longer battery life."

Exynos associates Samsung's "smart and green" strategy adopted by its semiconductor devices and solutions developed specifically to support the stringent performance and power requirements of mobile devices. Smart refers to high-performance aspect and Green represents low power features of Samsung's application processors. Exynos originates from the Greek words smart (exypnos) and green (prasinos).

The new naming system will be first applied to the dual core processor codenamed Orion, which was announced in September 2010. Carrying the name Exynos 4210, Samsung's powerful 1GHz dual-core application processor is scheduled for production next month.