Windows Phone 7's copy and paste update now coming in March?

If you don't have a Windows Phone 7 device, you may have assumed that first major update with copy and paste support had been released to end users by now -- and we wouldn't necessarily blame you. If you do have a Windows Phone 7 device, however, you know how very untrue that is... and the latest rumors suggest that you won't be on track to get it this month. To be fair, Microsoft never promised that we'd see the update on handsets in February in any official capacity, but rumors at one time had suggested it'd happen; of course, they also suggested January, so you see how that goes. Anyhow, both Neowin and ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley are liking March 8 as a possibility, citing the difficulties in getting carriers and manufacturers on board for a coordinated launch of a firmware update that they're all accustomed to having more control over. Since early last year, Microsoft had said it'd be controlling platform updates pretty tightly -- certainly more tightly than in the disjoint Android world -- and we can imagine that takes a little bit of adaptation for the likes of LG and Samsung. Anyhow, here's hoping everyone's up to date on the 8th, eh?