Debunk: Clamcase now shipping, manufacturing problems remedied

You may remember that we had an oh-so-brief hands-on with the Clamcase back at CES, and at that time we were promised a review unit the following week. Well, here we are a month later and we still don't have our unit, and according to some unhappy tipsters neither do those who preordered all the way back in December. We spoke with a rep to get to the bottom of the matter and got some updates on the situation to share with all you eager pre-orderers.

Things got off to a bit of a rough start when the initial January ship date slipped to February, and although an email was sent to preorder customers indicating a few week delay, credit cards were still charged. Apparently, a manufacturing issue early on rendered a small batch of the earliest units un-chargeable, though some of these units made their ways into customers' hands. We're told that these problems have since been solved and that units are rolling off the Texas factory lines daily, but we've also gotten reports of bunk tracking numbers and 'shipments' that never arrive. The last piece of the puzzle is the suspicious disappearance of a discussion thread on the company's official Facebook page, which apparently got so heated that lawsuits were threatened. We're told that it was "accidentally taken down while the page was being reorganized", but we still cannot locate it ourselves. Not all is wrong in the world though, as some Twitter spelunking has revealed that real life people have received real life units in at least some cases, so our best bit of advice would be to either hit the company up for a status report or simply move along to one of the many other iPad keyboard case options available to lighten your wallets. We've been assured that our unit should arrive sometime shortly, so stay tuned for the next installment of the Clamcase Chronicles coming in the near future!