The Queue: Voynich bin ein Berliner

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The Voynich Manuscript is one of my favorite unsolved mysteries of the literary world: a manuscript no one can date in a language no one can decipher about no one knows what. It's a bunch of flowers and women showering. I think it's the equivalent of someone a thousand years from now digging up a D&D Monster Manual: "What does it mean?"

If you want to check out the manuscript yourself, head to Yale's online library and type in "Voynich." It's the first result.

Jyetie asked:

My dad asked my why my character was purple and glowy the other day, so ... Is there any lore-icle reason for Shadowform for priests? Other than looking cool?
All priests use aspects of the Forgotten Shadow, sort of the other side of the Light, in practice, but shadow priests are way into it. Priests who are completely at one with the Shadow can (some say) ascend to god-like status, achieving ultimate power and immortality. Shadowform is essentially your character's getting as close to ascension as he can. Commenter "Furry" puts it well: "It's a physical show of how your soul is going to a darker place."

Richard Merrick asked:

Do the hunters of the WoW Insider staff have any favourite creatures that have yet to be implemented as tamable pets?

It's a little late to consult with Brian and Basil, but if I were a hunter (hahahaha yeah right), I would want to tame talbuks, and it dismays me that I cannot.

Aracross asked:

Am I the only one who gets really uncomfortable when someone in your party (and sometimes the whole party) doesn't say a word? I mostly only understand this when they are from a guild, and probably using their own voice chat, though I think is quite harsh for the player outside the guild, and a little of bad manners. Is it just me?

As much as I appreciate an expedient, quiet, surgical heroic run, I usually say hello at the beginning of the instance to try to gauge people's social attitudes. It's hard to say if someone is being quiet because they're an antisocial neckbeard or because they just don't feel like they have much to contribute in terms of chat. A quick hello usually breaks the ice, and if someone wants to say more, they usually will at that point. If they don't, that's certainly their prerogative, neckbeard or no.

Vertygo23 asked:

Does anyone know if the bug for the Zandalari Voodoo Doll has been fixed? The urban legend is that the Doll gives you 15 skill points and tricks the game into thinking you already got the Zin'rokh. I've been sitting on the voodoo doll for awhile now just waiting for the new patch to come out. Is it safe to go ahead and solve it?

It's just an urban legend. Plenty of people have gotten Zin'rokh after completing all other troll recipes.

Joseph asked:

When you first meet Lirastrasza in Twilight Highlands, she mentioned something about us and our allies turning our backs to the red dragons or something to that effect in Grim Batol. What exactly is she referring to?

She's referring to the old killable red dragons at the Grim Batol entrance prior to Cataclysm. Much like Therazane dislikes mortals for killing Theradras -- something your character certainly may never have done -- Lirastrasza hates mortals because they used to go kill red drakes for fun.

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