HP's 'Everybody On' ad goes to the Grammys, causes nationwide cringing

HP told us to watch
for a special new campaign during the Grammys, so watch we did -- only to find this commercial and occasional on-stage pimping of the HP TouchPad. The latter is standard business practice, to be sure, but the former? Well, words (nearly) escape us. You really have to watch it for yourself, but just imagine a butchering of Lou Reed's classic (though far, far overused) "Walk On The Wild Side," where tales of doping and cross dressing have been replaced with tales of... Tweeting. And Digging. And other really trite stuff. The cinematography and general message of the commercial is actually spot on, but it all gets crushed under the weight of this bad musical decision. HP played this same video at the event on Wednesday, but little did we know it would be the kick-off of the company's marketing onslaught.

We're honestly taken aback by how off key (no pun intended) this ad is. You would think after all the bad press Palm got on its previous big ad campaign (and even after some not-so-gentle advice) the folks in charge would think twice about something this potentially polarizing. We won't lie -- we're disappointed. Both by HP / Palm, and Lou Reed. All of you guys... back to the drawing board.

Look on the bright side, though -- at least you've got about six months to wash this out of people's brains.