The Queue: Even though I am better than you, I am not

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Video mildly NSFW. I learned something yesterday, and that's that the number of people who will jump to correct a "grammar mistake" is larger than the number of people who will recognize and enjoy a combination JFK reference/play on words. I thought we had moved beyond just using pictures of our pets for Queue intros! My heart is broken.

Aarkan asked:

Why does my worgen bear have leg spikes?

Because the GWAR logo is trademarked.

Phoenixxx73 asked:

Why do we not see mixed-race NPCs about the world? Surely it is possible that a tauren has fallen in love with an orc, or a troll with a blood elf ... Maybe a draenei with a human? Are there any lore type reasons for this? Or is it just laziness on the part of the model makers?

Well, we do know that several races are able to interbreed, like humans/orcs, orcs/draenei, and humans/high elves. Orcs are highly adaptable creatures, as we discussed on the WoW Insider Show a few weeks back, so it's not surprising that they're able to breed with other races. And because humans and elves are both Titan-created, that could be the link that allows them to reproduce with each other.

So it's reasonable to assume that some of the other native races of Azeroth can interbreed. What we don't know is exactly who can breed with who, and even if we did know that, we don't know the rate of success when it comes to bearing children. Consider, too, that most races haven't even known each other for that long. Even humans and high elves, who've had a few hundred years to pal around, only have a few reported cases of successfully breeding.

If this all comes off as a little nerdy, I suppose it is, but what I'm getting at is that even the one race combination we know to have worked more than twice, high elf/human, hasn't received its own model. It's just not a priority to give the one or two NPCs in the entire game world who're the product of interbreeding their own model, and any other kind of child who was the product of interbreeding would either be a.) too young to need a special model, or b.) too similar to an already-existing child model. That's assuming the child was physically likely to come to term anyway.

In other words, until we see an entire civilization of half-whatevers or a raid boss that's a half-whatever, you probably won't see Blizzard put forth the effort necessary to create a special model for a half-whatever. It's not worth the development time necessary to create them.

Lohkie asked:

Is it just me or does the RNG for the Heart-Shaped Box hate anyone else? 5 days in a row I open the box to see the message "There is no loot".

You still get justice points from the box. The "no loot" message just indicates you didn't win anything cool, like the trinkets or the rocket.

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