Acer Liquid mt hands-on (video)

The Acer Liquid mt, everybody! Oh come on, don't be such snobs, so what if it only has an 800MHz CPU, a humble 3.6-inch screen and standard 800 x 480 resolution? It's a pocketable and delightfully rotund little device, and Acer's added a couple of tweaks that we actually found quite useful. The biggest is a part of Acer's skin atop Android 2.2, which is set to be upgraded to Gingerbread "soon," a boilerplate promise with any device not running Google's latest. The Liquid mt offers multiple lock screens, allowing you to do things like control media and check your messaging inbox without having to unlock the phone and enter an app. It's a pretty sweet implementation, as is the simulated page-turning unlocking animation. The handset's rear features a 5 megapixel autofocus camera and the stainless backplate that gives it its name (mt standing for "metal"), but its top is most intriguing -- it has multiple status lights integrated under the metallic surface, which light up to give you alerts for things like low battery status or unread messages. Check out more of this handset in the gallery below.

Update: Now with added video sauce.