T-Mobile G-Slate hands-on: yep, it's an LG Optimus Pad

In case there was any lingering doubt in your mind, we can now definitely confirm -- having just played with it -- that the G-Slate that'll be going on sale shortly from T-Mobile in the States is a dead ringer for the Optimus Pad officially unveiled here at MWC this week. We just posted our impressions on that bad boy a few minutes ago, so let's go over the few differences: first off, there's a tastefully small T-Mobile logo silkscreened toward one side of the back (and thankfully, no logo whatsoever on front). As software goes, the only customizations include a utility to activate the tablet on T-Mobile's network along with the standard My Device app that users of T-Mobile's other Android hardware will be familiar with; the carrier tells us it'll be making some additional announcements revolving around media and content partnerships closer to launch (tablets are good for reading and watching things, don't you know), but they don't have anything ready to unveil just yet. That's literally it -- other than those minor details, customers on both sides of the pond are going to be enjoying the same 3D-capturing Honeycomb action with this one. See the full gallery below!