T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G hands-on

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|02.14.11

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T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G hands-on
What do you get when you gently massage HSPA+ support and a front-facing camera for video calling into a Vibrant's backside using technology, science, and a selection of essential oils? Well, you get a Galaxy S 4G -- and in the case of Samsung's US-focused event this evening here at MWC, you get a Galaxy S 4G on orange crushed velvet. The phone feels exactly like a Vibrant -- thin, but still almost ridiculously light for its size -- and looks exactly the same from the front. Like a mullet, though, it's the back where the Galaxy S 4G starts to party: T-Mobile's switched up the cheap-looking gloss black plastic on the Vibrant for a trick gray optical effect battery cover that seems to shimmer as you move it around. Definitely a step up, and it'll let the T-Mobile enthusiasts around you know that you mean business. Follow the break for our quick hands-on video!

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