Android-powered LG Revolution caught streaming Netflix at MWC (video)

Well, well -- what have we here? That up above is LG's Revolution, a Snapdragon-powered Android superphone. What's inside is no normal Snapdragon, though. It's actually a newfangled chip that isn't shipping to consumers just yet, which includes DRM libraries at a hardware level that serve to satisfy paranoid movie execs. The good news is that Qualcomm has actually whipped up a solution that'll finally bring Watch Instantly to Android; the bad news is that existing smartphones -- even existing Snapdragon devices -- will not be able to utilize the app. Without new hardware, the Android version of the Netflix app simply won't function, and no one at Qualcomm was willing to tell us when these Netflix-friendly Snapdragon chips would begin to ship out.

Whenever that fateful day arrives, though, Snapdragon devices with HDMI sockets will be able to beam that content right to their HDTV -- the company's hardware is HDCP-approved, so there's no sweat when it comes to watching content on the big screen. On-site representatives made clear that both the phone and the app were for demonstration purposes only, but we'd be shocked if LG's handset shipped without this compatibility. The demo we saw was smooth as butter, and the app itself looked glorious on the Revolution's 4.3-inch touchscreen. See for yourself in the video just past the break.

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