MacBook Pros to get Sandy Bridge CPUs in March?

As the above Danish-language email clearly indicates, the world might very well see a MacBook Pro update on March 1. That is, if the person who sent the tip to blogger Kenneth Lund is to believed. And at the very least, blogger Kenneth Lund thinks that this is the genuine article. Speculation regarding new Apple laptops with Sandy Bridge processors has been rampant, of course, and as TUAW points out, the aforementioned processors are set to make the scene at the end of this month. Besides, March 1 is a Tuesday, the day that Apple usually announces new computer models (also the release date of the Beady Eye album, which at least one Engadget editor is really looking forward to). Besides the new CPUs, there is not much solid indication of what design changes might occur, but if the source here is correct it won't be long until we find out for ourselves.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]