Patch 4.0.6 hotfixes for Feb. 15

Another round of hotfixes has been announced this evening. Tonight brings us a few hotfixes to raid content, including every engineer's friend, the Cardboard Assassin. Sorry, my cardboard friend. Your days of tanking Cho'gall are over.

Hotfixes for Feb. 15
General Classes Dungeons & Raids Items Professions

  • The amount of guild reputation and guild experience gained from killing a raid boss has been dramatically increased, as the previous rate felt too low compared to the difficulty of progressing through raid content. This change will require a realm restart to take effect, which will be next Tuesday's weekly scheduled maintenance at the latest.

  • Shield of Velen guards in The Exodar are now consistent with other "royal" city guards in terms of health, level, and damage.

  • Mages

    • Arcane Blast now costs 5% of base mana before stacking modifiers, down from 7%.

  • Baradin Hold

    • Argaloth despawns and resets properly if the raid wipes during Fel Firestorm.

  • Blackwing Descent

    • While flying around the Vault of the Shadowflame, Nefarian no longer forces everyone to stand up if engaged.

  • Throne of the Tides

    • It should no longer be possible to summon a mount in certain areas of this dungeon.

  • Shard of Woe (Heroic trinket) now reduces the base mana cost of spells by 205, with the exception of Holy and Nature spells -- the base mana cost of Holy and Nature spells remains reduced by 405 with this trinket.

  • Engineering Target Dummies are no longer able to taunt boss-level creatures.