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Series1 TiVo service in the UK comes to an end June 1st

Series1 TiVo service in the UK comes to an end June 1st
Richard Lawler
Richard Lawler|@Rjcc|February 15, 2011 11:09 PM
We're not going to count this on the deathwatch, but anyone still rocking a Series1 TiVo DVR (remember those? They needed something called a "land line" to dial in for updates) in the land of BBC, crumpets and the Royal Family has received word that come June 1st, they'll need to use another DVR. Those living in Virgin Media cable areas may have some kind of upgrade option to the new triple tuner beast, but we're thinking that after this long it's tough to say goodbye to a box that's served them for so long, especially after the indignity of losing programming suggestions a few years back. But for those who shelled out for a "lifetime" TiVo package, we're sure the question will be, is 10 years long enough? Check out the original demo video ZatzNotFunny dug up after the break and remember better times for the old set-top box, when the ability to set up a "season pass" was a completely new concept and the idea of people still using boxes that couldn't receive HD wasn't incredibly sad.

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