THQ tries WarioWare formula, comes out with 'Spongebob Squigglepants'

THQ has chosen to follow up on the success of its first uDraw Game Tablet releases with ... Squigglepants! SpongeBob Squigglepants is nothing less than a WarioWare clone designed for the uDraw. Players race through a series of 100 "nanogames" including racing, searching for hidden objects, and, of course, drawing, all with the uDraw's pen acting like a DS stylus. The game is "hosted" by Patchy the Pirate, who appears in live-action segments.

If this sounds interesting enough for you to go into a store and say the word "Squigglepants" to a clerk out loud, you'll be able to pick it up April 12. According to THQ, the uDraw tablet is being launched worldwide in February and March, making Squigglepants a launch window title for other territories. In addition, THQ will release a 3DS version "later in the spring," allowing the Squigglepants to squiggle in three dimensions.%Gallery-116877%