Skype hints at video calling for Android users on AT&T, promises improvements to Qik

We haven't heard a ton out of Skype since its acquisition of Qik last month, but executives from the two companies have finally done a bit of talking at Mobile World Congress this week. As you might expect, any actual merger of the two applications is still a ways off, but Skype has revealed that it plans to share some of its technical expertise to improve the quality of Qik video calls on Sprint and T-Mobile devices, and Skype exec Rick Osterloh also said that we should "watch out for some announcements" when it comes to AT&T. Considering Skype for iPhone already does video calls on AT&T, we assume that means we should look for video calling to come to Android phones on the carrier as well. In the longer term, PC Magazine reports that the "new vision" for Skype and Qik involves Skype's video call technology being used alongside Qik's video mail, video sharing and live streaming abilities, although the companies aren't providing any timeline for when any of that might happen.

Update: It looks like there may have been a slight misunderstanding on that AT&T tidbit. According to a Skype spokesperson:

Skype never stated to PC Magazine to expect that Skype is coming to AT&T. Skype has nothing to discuss or announce regarding future developments with carriers in the US and globally. We make a deliberate point to avoid any forward looking statement.