The Queue: Ragequitter redux

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mike Sacco will be your host today.

Yesterday I gave you some advice on how not to get a rematch in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Today, I say to you that I have found the method so effective, so potent, that some players opt to physically turn their system off or unplug their ethernet cable in order to avoid the shame of loss to a dog that barks ice cubes.

Saekeion asked:

Does the reputation discount with a faction also apply to when you sell items? Do you get more money if you have a higher reputation with that faction? If so, does Goblin's Best Deals Anywhere apply to the amount of money you get for selling an item?
Good question, but no, sell prices for items aren't affected by any outside modifiers, including rep. They will always sell for the same amount.

Saither asked:

Is there a way to turn off "I can't do that yet" sounds? I really like my goblin hunter but he seems much more outspoken about what he can or cannot do than my other toons.

Those sounds can be disabled under "Error Speech" in your Sound menu.

Chris asked:

Got a question: When creating macros, is there an addon that will let you filter the icons so you can find the icon that goes with the spell for which you are writing a macro? I know I could just use a random one, but I like having the right icon with the spell.

Yep, just add #showtooltip to the beginning of the macro and it'll automatically use the icon for the spell in question. If there's more than one spell in the macro, use #showtooltip <spell name> and it'll use the icon of the spell you specify.

Fletcher asked:

At the beginning of questing in Uldum, during Jar-Jar Budd And The Infinite Cutscenes, we see Siamat undo the curse of flesh on the Neferset as a reward for bringing him Prince Nadun. It seems very much like the Neferset are working for Siamat.

However, in the Lost City dungeon, General Husam says "Siamat must not be freed!", and when you kill Prophet Barim and shatter the building Siamat is in, he seems kinda pleased to be out of there (but not pleased enough to not kill you).

So my question is; who's in charge there? What's the exact relationship between Al'akir, Siamat, and the Neferset?

Siamat was sent to the Neferset by Al'Akir. In exchange for their servitude, Siamat bestows upon them Deathwing's gift, which is returning them to their original stony state. Siamat, upon temporarily exhausting his powers by having to re-stone (or de-flesh) an entire city, is betrayed and imprisoned by the Neferset. When you run through Lost City, you're not only taking out the treacherous Neferset, you're also setting Siamat free for the express purpose of beating him silly. You don't mess around, do you?

WaterRouge asked:

Hunh..look at Captain America...standing nice and tall at the top. Eh Sacco?

That's right, I didn't forget your little comment about me always having Captain America in my team comps Mr. Sacco.

I never forget slams against Captain America.


Huh ... look at Captain America up there ... obliterated by a dog and controlled by a base coward. Eh, Rouge?

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