Man will run Tokyo Marathon with dizzying array of gadgetry, amazing lack of shame (video)

There are some activities that you'll simply never be able to get your friends to come along for, and for most groups of social cohorts running 26 miles certainly falls into the "you have fun with that" category. Some try to regale their friends with tales of burning lungs and fiery quads, but Joseph Tame has another solution. He's created the iRig, a curious contraption containing four iPhones, an Android device of unknown provenance, an iPad, three wireless routers, a weather station, a heart rate monitor, and a silly mock satellite dish up on his head. With all this he plans on livestreaming his entire race using Skype, FaceTime, Runkeeper, and a custom Android app that will send out atmospheric conditions -- according to Joseph doing "all this while looking incredibly cool." We can't argue with that, but we also can't help worrying about the chafing that contraption will induce. See for yourself in the video below.