Panasonic's HV200 portable TV is controlled with a wave of the hand

The Fistful of Lard conundrum, heard of it? Probably not because we just made it up. Nevertheless, it's the classic dilemma faced by any home cook: how do you control the counter-top set without subjecting the TV remote or all-in-one touchscreen to a slathering of semisolid hog fat? Easy, if you own Panasonic's new ¥50,000 (about $600) DMP-HV200 digital terrestrial television just announced for Japan. The IPX-3 rated, drip-proof set features gesture control that lets you change the channel or adjust the volume without touching the 1024 x 600 pixel LCD display or bundled remote. It's also available with an optional battery pack giving you about three and half hours of untethered image or video fed over 802.11n WiFi, SDXC cards, or USB cable. There's even a DMB-BV300 version with HDMI-out if you're willing to forgo the gesture control and fork over ¥80,000 (almost $1,000) for the illusion of Blu-ray magic on a 10-inch screen.