Motorola bucks its own trend, leaves Xoom bootloader unlockable

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|02.22.11

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Motorola bucks its own trend, leaves Xoom bootloader unlockable
Pretty much everything coming out of Moto these days is saddled with a tightly-locked bootloader paired with one tamper-resistant scheme or another, making custom kernels -- the lifeblood of the phone hacking community -- tricky at best, nigh impossible at worst. Of course, there was a glimmer of hope last month when the company said that it was working on a solution that'd cater to the developer community, and it looks like the Xoom might be bearing some of that fruit: the bootloader can be unlocked and relocked at will. Now, we're thinking that Moto might've loosened the reigns a bit here simply because the Xoom is running a completely bone-stock build of Android and, as Honeycomb's launch device, Google might be showing some influence behind the scenes (the Nexus One and Nexus S both have unlockable bootloaders, for instance)... but it's a good sign.

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