Apple TV / film product placement down, but still ahead of competition

Apple Product Placement

Maybe it's because I am both a fan and a loyal customer, but I do tend to notice how often Apple products pop up everywhere as the de facto computers on TV and on the big screen. According to a report by AppleInsider, Apple doesn't even pay for that product placement, yet 30 percent of the top movies in 2010 prominently featured Apple products.

This figure is down from 46 percent in 2009 and 50 percent in 2008, but that 30 percent is still higher than any other brand -- even with other computer brands trying to mimic Apple's placement strategy. Back in 2006 we discussed an article at The Washington Post about all the "free" product placement Apple received in TV shows and movies, so we know this has been going on for quite some time.

We've recently talked about the iPad being the star of Modern Family and iPod product placement on The Office, and now CrunchGear has found a video of Apple's Greatest Cinematic Achievements over on Vimeo. At 7:24 long and including everything from 30 Rock, War Games and The Sopranos, it's a fun look at how Apple's products have been placed in film and TV over the years.

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[via CrunchGear and AppleInsider]

Apple's Greatest Cinematic Achievements from The Awl on Vimeo.