DirecTV previews its iPad remote app: no streaming, but very customizable

iPad remote apps are the new Netflix streaming -- any DVR worth its salt has to have one and DirecTV isn't going to let Comcast, FiOS, Dish and TiVo lord over it anymore. It's launched a preview page for a new remote app "coming soon" that looks like it could challenge for the title with plenty of customizable options and ability to display information from multiple sources at once. The home screen, pictured above can tell you about what you're watching, what's on your favorite channels and keep tabs on current sports scores all at once. All the usual remote control stuff comes natural, as well as local or remote DVR management just like its mobile app. We'll wait until it comes out to pass judgement but clearly the company has been watching the competition and seeing where it can improve. Now, where's that DirecTiVo?