Drive Bender released, offers to fix your WHS Drive Extender woes

When Microsoft indicated it was killing off Drive Extender tech for its upcoming Vail release of Windows Home Server, many WHS fans poured a 40 onto the lid of their MediaSmart servers. In response to all the sodden warranty claims HP decided to kill off the series and, well, things were looking dire. Indeed Drive Extender will not be a part of Windows Home Server 2011, meaning no integrated ability to easily add and remove disks from a single pool of storage -- but leave it to the individuals offer your fix. You can now try Drive Bender, a sort of alternative Drive Extender developed by a company called Division-M and said to work with any flavor of Windows and offer the same sort of disk merging and replicating functionality, but do it in an unofficial way. The beta is now available if you're feeling rather more brave than we.

[Thanks, JagsLive]