Sony Ericsson developer boss: 'in favor' of rooting option if done right

Is the tide about to turn in the Android hackability debate? Not long after Motorola indicated its willingness to start helping out folks that want unlockable bootloaders, Simon Walker, head of Sony Ericsson's developer program, has noted on Twitter that he's "actually in favor" of allowing some sort of rooting option as long as it's "done right." Clearly, manufacturers across the board are interested in getting tight and cozy with the developer community -- apps are the key to any platform's success, after all, and many Android devices have unique features that can take advantage additional custom coding -- so they're appearing a little conflicted about how to proceed on the dev-friendliness front without coming across as outright hacker-friendly (commercial developers and hackers are often at odds, after all). Walker says that he needs to "take the discussion" inside the company before any sort of decision is made, but at least we know there's a proponent up in the ranks.