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2K Australia studio head resigns in the middle of XCOM; 2K responds


Earlier this month, internet snoop supererogatory noticed 2K Australia's studio head Martin Slater resigned, right in the middle of development on the upcoming XCOM reboot. That news was paired with another tweet saying, "FWIW, there's a rumor that XCOM's undergone some big changes since it was announced." Sounds plausible, especially if the studio head of one half of 2K Marin (yeah, it's confusing) is no longer with the company.

"Over the course of a project, development teams do change and evolve from time-to-time," a 2K spokesperson told Joystiq. "While we can confirm that Martin Slater is no longer with the studio, there have been no changes to the way in which XCOM is being developed. The project continues to involve strong collaboration between our California and Australia locations and continues to be led by creative director Jonathan Pelling, a longstanding member of the talented team that worked on BioShock, BioShock 2, Freedom Force and Tribes."

While Slater's departure may not have caused changes in the way, or the process, that XCOM is being developed, that doesn't mean the game itself hasn't undergone changes since we saw it last, at E3 2010. We'll know for sure the next time we get our hands on the title. Probably E3 this year, right 2K?